A truly pampering experience in the hands of experienced Senior Beauty therapists!

“Crystal Clear” MicroDermabrasion, Oxygen Facials & Cellulite Therapy

About Crystal Clear

  • Crystal Clear Express MicroDermabrasion (MDA) 30mins  Info  from £40
  • Crystal Clear Deluxe MDA Facial 1hr  Info  from £70
  • Crystal Clear The Skin Works 1 hr 15 mins  Info  from £75
  • Crystal Clear Bright Eyes Treatment 30 mins  Info  from £40
  • Crystal Clear Correction Treatment 30 mins  Info  from £40
  • Crystal Clear Cellulite & Body Contouring Therapy 30 mins  Info  from £40
  • Crystal Clear The Back Treatment 45 mins  Info  from £55
  • Crystal Clear Oxygen Treatment 45 mins  Info  from £60
  • Crystal Clear Deluxe Oxygen Therapy Treatment 1hr  Info  from £70
  • Crystal Clear Acne Prone Oxygen Therapy 1hr  Info  from £65
  • Crystal Clear Scar & Stretch Marks (30 mins per area)  Info  from £40

Special offer: Book a course of 8 and receive 2 treatments free

Waxing & Sugaring, Hot Wax & Strip Wax

  • Bikini or Underarm  Info  from £15
  • G String (Extended Bikini)  Info  from £20
  • Full Leg and Bikini  Info  from £45
  • Brazilian  Info  from £33
  • Hollywood  Info  from £35
  • Cheek or Chin or Lip Waxing  Info  from £10
  • Eyebrow Shaping  Info  from £12
  • Upper Leg Waxing  Info  from £21
  • Lower Leg Waxing  Info  from £17
  • Full Leg  Info  from £35
  • Arms  Info  from £25
  • Full Body (excl Face) £100

Fake Tanning

Sprayed manually by a Beauty Therapist (Please note the fake tanning service is not recommended for Pregnant Women)

  • Fake Bake – Full Body Manual Spray Tan  Info  from £25
  • Fake Bake 60 Minutes Manual Spray Tan  Info  from £30
  • St Tropez – Full Body Manual Spray Tan  Info  from £30
  • St Tropez Original -Manual Application & Full Body Exfoliation  Info  from £50
  • Full Back Exfoliation  Info  from £15
  • Full Body Exfoliation  Info  from £25

Special offer: Book a course of 5 and receive the 6th treatment free

Bio-Sculpture – Gel Nails

  • Bio-Sculpture Gel Overlays  Info  from £60
  • Bio-Sculpture Nail Gel removal from £25

CND Shellac Nails – Mirror Finish for Beautiful Nails

  • Shellac Express Manicure  Info  from £35
  • Shellac Express Pedicure  Info  from £40
  • Shellac Full Manicure (inc. cuticle work)  Info  from £45
  • Shellac Full Pedicure (inc. cuticle work)  Info  from £55
  • Shellac French Finish (add this to your Shellac selection) from £5
  • Shellac Removal (this service is free for all our clients returning) from £15

CND VinylLux Nails – 7 day Manicure

  • VinylLux Express Manicure   Info  from £22
  • VinylLux Express Pedicure   Info  from £27
  • VinylLux Full Manicure (inc. cuticle work)   Info  from £40
  • VinylLux Full Pedicure (inc. cuticle work)   Info  from £45

OPI Nails

  • OPI Full Manicure (inc. cuticle work)  Info  from £35
  • OPI Full Pedicure (inc. cuticle work)   Info  from £40
  • OPI French Finish (add this to your Nails selection – available only with any range of our Full Manicures or Pedicures) from £5

Dermalogica Facials

  • Dermalogica Colloidal Oatmeal Mask   Info  from £30
  • Express Facial 30mins   Info  from £30
  • Deluxe Dermalogica Facial 1hr   Info  from £50
  • Winter Warmer Dermalogica Facial   Info  from £70

Special offer: Book a course of 5 and receive the 6th treatment free

Universal Contour Wrap – Lose that extra weight from your first visit

  • Classic Universal Contour Body Wrap   Info  from £100
    (without measuring – same great results ) from £80
  • Elite Universal Contour Body Wrap   Info  from £120
    (without measuring – same great results ) from £100

Special offer: Book a course of 5 and receive the 6th treatment free

Eyelash Perm, Tint & Eyebrows Tint

Important: Allergy Patch Test Required 48 Hours Before Treatment- Walk-In FreePatch Test & Consultation Offered without pre-booking

  • Eyebrow Tint (Allergy Patch Test Required)   Info  from £10
  • Eyelash Tint (Allergy Patch Test Required)   Info  from £15
  • Eyelash Perm(Allergy Patch Test Required)   Info  from £35

“Lash Perfect” Individual Eyelash Extensions

  • About Lash Perfect   Info 
  • Full Set (Ultra Volume)   Info  from £90
  • Half Set (Natural)   Info  from £50
  • Glamorous Lala Lashes   Info  from £50
  • Express La La Lashes   Info  from £45
  • Lash Corner Flicks  Info  from £35
  • Lower lashes   Info  from £25
  • Lash Removal   Info  from £20

Make-Up & Makeovers!

  • Express Make-Up 30 mins   Info  from £35
  • Special Occasion Make Up 1hr   Info  from £60
  • Bridal Make-Up   Info  On request
  • Makeover! (Make-Up-Beauty & Hair)  Info   On reques


  • Cheeks from £15
  • Chin from £15
  • Chin and Lip from £25
  • Eyebrow & Chin or Lip from £28
  • Eyebrow, Lip, Chin & Cheeks from £50
  • Eyebrows from £15
  • Full Face from £50
  • Lip from £15

Swedish Massage – a relaxing experience!

  • 30 mins from £25
  • 45 mins from £40
  • 60 mins from £50

Deep Tissue Massage – a deep therapeutic treat!

  • 30 mins from £30
  • 45 mins from £45
  • 60 mins from £60

Aromatherapy / Lymphatic / Stone Massage

  • 45 mins from £50
  • 60 mins from £60

Four Hand Massage

  • 30 mins from £60

Energise your mind and body and enjoy the experience of hairdressing and massage at “The Soho Salon”. From the soles of your feet to the crown of your head, allow our therapists to soothe away all the stress and tension of modern day living. We offer a wide range of revitalising massage techniques like Chair Massage, Swedish Massage and the ancient holistic art of Reflexology.

The benefits of massage are endless. Here’s just a few:

  • Releases muscle tension and promotes relaxation
  • Strengthens the immune system, increases energy and creates a sense of well-being
  • Improves circulation and lowers blood pressure
  • Improves focus and concentration
  • Relieves Arthritis, Insomnia, Stress and Tension headaches Lifts the spirits and energises the body – cleansing the body of toxins

Relax, Refresh, Revive!

A free consultation is offered on all services. To ensure your treatment is as beneficial and enjoyable as possible, we will discuss your individual requirements with you before each treatment.

Weddings, Groups, Hend & Stag Parties

For Weddings, Corporate Meetings, Hen & Stag Parties and Groups please ask, we are very happy to cater for big groups.

Gift Vouchers available, the perfect gift!

Important: For any eyelash perms, or eyebrow/eyelash tint services an Allergy Patch Test is required (free). It is the client’s responsibility to book and visit the salon 48 hours before the actual treatment for the free patch test.

The patch test involves putting a dab of hair dye/perm solution behind the ear, leaving it there for two days, and looking for itching, burning, redness, or other reactions. If you experience any of these symptoms you must not continue with the treatment but seek medical advice.

You should always tell your therapist before you begin any treatment if you had experienced of any allergies or recently have had a new tattoo done.

If you are one of our existing clients and haven’t had a patch test in the last six months please request one, as it’s better to be safe than sorry. Allergies can be triggered at any point.

Terms & Conditions: The Soho Salon & The Covent Garden Salon will correct any beauty services such as Nails, Waxing, Eyelash Extensions, Eyelash Perms or Tints within 24 hrs of treatment being carried out and following a complimentary post consultation within 48 hours of the service been provided and authorisation from management.
If clients cannot make themselves available for the complimentary post consultation, the salon will be unable to take any responsibility or liability thereafter. If clients exceed the time limits for correction of these services we have the right to ask for payment if a correction is still desired. For this reason we recommend if going away on holidays to book at least 72 hours before you are scheduled to travel, so you can attend the complimentary post consultation.

Bookings are available on 020 7836 8362 or
by using our book now link.